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We know how it starts 
You want to be heard
It's time to start a podcast
But you don't want to deal with recording and sound editing

Want to be loud and clear, but not feeling confident enough yet
So hey,

Let Omer Senesh and Ido Kenan guide you, record with you and create for you a full, personalized, podcasting solution

Senesh and IdoK will help you customize your new podcast, define your target audience, feel free behind the mic - and simply start recording . they will assist you with creating a format, content editing, creating personalised audio-branding,  guidance in hosting and polishing your radio personality.

We are here to take you all the way to creating your podcast channel
PODCASTI.CO - a powerhouse for amazing podcasts

Content Consultancy

Tap into our vast experience in producing audio-visual, as well as written on-line and off-line content. We are here to help you define and customize your podcast vision

Web Presence

Let us help you upload your podcast's episodes and distribute it to popular streaming and podcasting services

Professional Audio Editing

We'll make you sound excellent: Picking your best takes, optimizing your sound, creating captivating and memorable jingles and sonic IDs

Record at Your Place

Give us your quietest space of choice, and we'll assemble a high profile mobile radio studio for you in no time

Record at Our Place

Record in a state of the art studio in Tel Aviv. Capture your co-hosts, guests, phone interviews and live performances in the best possible quality


Need a professional host who can navigate your podcast? We offer a variety of DJs and professional radio hosts who'll ask the right questions and make each episode particularly interesting

We are:

Ido Kenan Digital culture and new media expert. Blogs about web-culture on his influental blog, Room 404, hosts a weekly tech segment on GLZ Radio, hosts Lex Cybernetica, Hebrew University's cyberlaw podcast, Enriched Iranium about Iran with Dr. Thamar Eilam Gindin and several others. Provides internet, content and social media consultancy, lectures and workshops to corporations, NGOs, and private clients

Omer Senesh Audio, music and radio personality Bezalel Academy for Art and Design alumnus. Radio host and DJ on Galgaltz, Israel's leading music FM radio station. Voice over artist. Co-founder of KZradio, Israel's alternative music radio. Broadcast studio designer and constructor. Teaches radio at the Tel Aviv University, BPM music school and others